Welcome to the “Rosen Praxis”!

After almost 10 years of experience as the school psychologist and primary school counselor at 2 international schools here in Berlin/Brandenburg, I am excited to be returning to my passion in my previous work as a gestalt therapist, encourager, and coach with children, youth, couples and families for almost 20 years. It is my intention to provide children and their families an empowering and safe environment to experiment and discover their unique potential as well as gently process experiences that deeply affect their personal growth and healing. My hope is to foster emotional resilience, joy and confidence, and in so doing, to promote personal freedom of voice/choice in development, relationships, learning and self-awareness. My work especially with children focuses on discovering with them how to be self and socially aware and acquire tools to steer initial reactions to stress and transition so they can respond with voice/choice to life with self-esteem, openness and connection, intentionally and mindfully no matter what challenges life offers them. Part of this personal journey may also include psychoeducational testing: This in its own right is a process of self-discovery, fostering self-awareness, -efficacy and –advocacy to uncover and identify a breadth of intellectual potential, learning styles, preferences, strengths and weaknesses in a child or youth.