About Me
After almost 10 years as the school psychologist and primary school counselor at 2 international schools here in Berlin/Brandenburg, I am excited to be returning to my passion for working as a gestalt therapist, encourager, and coach with children, youth, couples and families. The experience I have gained from being at the heart of school life has richly formed my focus now on syncing the wisdom of gestalt, polyvagal emotional regulation, cognitive behavioral and mindfulness therapies and teachings. It is my intention to provide children and their families an empowering and safe environment to experiment and discover their unique potential. My hope is to foster joy and confidence in personal growth, learning, and self-awareness; as Deb Dana writes in her book, The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy, the process of therapy is like “the science of safety – the science of feeling safe enough to fall in love with life and take the risks of living.” Combined with my humanistic Gestalt world view it is my aspiration to give children and their families the freedom of self-discovery and expression in their own way and be able to accept themselves as secure, adequate and worthy. A therapy process is NOT meant to change someone, rather more as an opportunity to unpack your personal suitcase in a safe and accepting place; to discover, experiment, become aware and befriend the intricate contents, and then repack it and claim it as your own, recognizing and being able to choose your unique patterns of behavior and responses.
Originally a Connecticut girl from the USA, I moved to Berlin, Germany already in 1982 as a “re-import” as I like to say; my father was a German immigrant, and my mother a 1st generation Swede from New York City. I in turn met my Hamburger partner in Holland on a sail boat and now 40 years later we celebrate having 3 grown children who have lived in 5 different countries between them. Being part of a bilingual family of transcultural kids (TKKs over generations) gives me also the unique perspective and empathy for the transitional experiences influencing the communications, dynamics and expectations expats and multicultural families have.

Oct. 2018 MiSP (Mindfulness in Schools Project): Certification as a Paws .b Mindfulness Teacher
Sept.  2014 PDA (Positive Discipline Association) Certification as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator
Feb. 2011 BRIEF (Solution Focused Brief Therapy):  Solution Focused Brief Therapy
June-July 2010 CTC (Counseling Training Center at London University):  Essential Skills for International Counselors
since 1992 PATH (Association of English Speaking Therapist in Berlin):  continuing education, supervision
2002-2003 Institut für Begabungsforschung und Lernentwicklung (IBL):  accreditation Educational Therapist
1988-1992 Institut für Gestalttherapie u. -pädagogik (IGG):  accreditation as a Gestalttherapist
1987-1989 Universitätsklinikum und Poliklinik Rudolf Virchow der Freien Universität Berlin:  certification in psychoeducational diagnostics & behavior therapy
1987 Technische Universität Berlin:  German Hauptdiplom for Clinical Psychology
1982 Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut, USA:  Clinical and Educational Psychology
1980 Syracuse University, NY, USA:  BS in Special Education & General Psychology with teaching accreditation & certification for New York & Connecticut, grades N-12 

Professional Employment:
since 8/2012 Berlin International School (Private Kant Schule Berlin) School Psychologist and Primary Counselor
11/ 2009-7/2011 Berlin Brandenburg International School School Psychologist and Elementary Counselor
2003 -2012 Private Practice: Better Learning Co-op Coordinator in cooperation with the JFKF Center & Legasthenie Zentrum
2004 Ministry for Youth Services of Berlin accreditation and contract partner as an Educational Therapist
2000 Ministry for Health and Social services of Berlin Psychotherapy licensure (Approbation)
1992-2012 Private Practice with psychoeducational diagnostics, psychotherapy, coaching, family and couples counseling
1992 Ministry for Youth Services of Berlin accreditation and contract partner as a Psychotherapist 
1991 Bund Deutscher Psychologen (BDP) accreditation as a Clinical Psychologist and contract partner with German alternative insurance companies (Privat and Ersatzkassen)
1991 Ministry of Health of Berlin (Heilpratikerin) accreditation andpermit to work as a Psychotherapist
1987-1989 Universitätsklinikum u. Poliklinik Rudolf Virchow der Freien Universität Berlin Clinical Psychologist Department of Psychiatry and Neurology for Children and Youths and Teaching Assistant for Clinical Assessment and Psychotherapy
1986 Senator für Wissenschaft und Forschung legal accreditation as Diplom Psychologin/USA
1983 -1987 Max-Planck-Institut for Developmental Research Project: Child Development & Social Structure & Moral Development
1985 Technische Universität Berlin Tutorial Assistant in the Project: Attitude and Behavior
1983 -1984 GSD Krankenheim Berlin Occupational Therapist and department chair of Recreational Therapy
1980 -1981 Cooperative Education Services of Connecticut Master Teacher and Behavioral Therapist Post School Developmental Learning Center for children with developmental, emotional and personality disorders and their families

Association Memberships
Berlin Psychologenkammer
PATH – The Association of English Speaking Psychotherapists in Berlin
ISCA International School Counselors’ Association
BDP – Bund Deutscher Psychologen
DVG – Deutsche Vereinigung für Gestalttherapie
APA American Psychological Association

Additional Qualifications
Training in: Gestalt Therapy, Behavior Therapy, CMR/TMR Community & Trauma Resilience Models, Brief-Solution-Focused Therapy, .b Mindfulness Education, Positive Discipline Parenting Coaching, Psychoeducational Diagnostics

Individual Psychotherapy, Couples Therapy, Family Counseling, Coaching, Supervision
Children, Adults and Adolescents
Learning Disabilities (LD, ADHD, ASD, Diagnosing Profiles and identifying Challenges)
International transitioning, Multicultural Family and Couples Counseling
Positive Discipline Parent Coaching
MiSP .B Mindfulness Teacher
Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Stress Management
Crisis Intervention, Trauma, Loss